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About Us

What is VtvStudio?

VtvStudio is tiny community that produces miscellaneous media like games, comics and videos. The name is somewhat misleading, because it can be interpret as a company, which it is not. The name would also suggest that it has something to do with television, but it too is false. VtvStudio is not registered and it will remain unregistered for foreseeable future.

History of VtvStudio

For no apparent reason VtvStudio was founded June 7th 2001 by Ville Kauranen. VtvStudio acted as pseudocompany, an additional signature of creations of Ville Kauranen. This childish tradition has persisted ever since, which is why VtvStudio is still here. First couple of years VtvStudio was only an one man show and its products were distributed offline. In 2004 VtvStudio finally found itself on the internet and our very first web site was hosted by the classic Yahoo! GeoCities. The first additional member joined our community in late 2005 and he is still with us today drawing comics. After the fall of GeoCities in 2009 VtvStudio moved under our current domain name with renewed appereance (version 5 and 6). The site remained unchanged for a very long time and was finally refurbished to seventh version in January 2016.

Vtvstudio.net vs. vtvstudio.com

Vtvstudio.com is as far as we know a website of Slovene television channel. That TV channel is called Vaša Televizija (VTV Studio) and they have similar domain name to ours. We were not aware of this back in 2001 when VtvStudio name was chosen for our community. So far we have not heard anything from them for having a similar domain.

People behind VtvStudio

Like mentioned above, VtvStudio consist of very few people. Currently there are four people in our community.