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Games / Downloadable Games / Mörköpeli 1.7

Mörköpeli 1.7

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Download Mörköpeli 1.7
Developers: Ville Kauranen, Aleksi Riitala & Henry Hiltunen
Genre: Survival Horror
Platform: Windows
Engine: GameMaker
Installation type: Standalone executable
Language: Finnish
Players: 1 - 2 (req. network access)
License: Free
Latest version:
Latest version released: 7 June 2022
First released: 2 January 2014
Development began: 12 November 2013
Updates: No planned updates
File size: 23.83 Mb
Download count:

last 7 days: 13

Version 1.7 status

The game lacks some music, which will probably be added later into the game.


Remaining music tracks are listed below. Download the zip-archive and unpack it in the same folder where Mörköpeli17.exe is located.

StatusFileAdded / updatedInfoAuthor
Updatedm_music3.mp33 July 2018One of the four music tracks when playing as Jussi.Verneri Muukka
Addedm_music4.mp34 July 2018Normaali music track when playing as Rávdnár.Verneri Muukka
n/am_lets_do_this.mp3-Mystical stone picked up - Jussi.TBA
n/am_lets_do_this2.mp3-Mystical stone picked up - Rávdnár.TBA
n/am_morko2.mp3-Rávdnár is near Jussi - Rávdnár.TBA

Mörköpeli 1.6 and older versions are no longer available due to a copyright claim

It should not have been unclear that Mörköpeli's original theme included copyrighted material which we had no permission to use from their respective holders. In January 2018 we have been contacted concerning these copyright issues and we therefore removed the possibility to download the game from our website. We respect the claim and obligation we have signed. We are never going return these versions This means that we are never going to give access to anybody to the old versions of Mörköpeli.

- Ville Kauranen


Mörköpeli is a survival horror game, which takes place in fictional place called Kuusilaakso. The player controls a lumberjack character called Jussi. The game begins at a random location in dark wintry forest. The player must find a mystical stone and return with it to the starting location. During this time a horrifying ice monster chases the player and freezes them if they manage to get caught.

Along with the main development team the following people took part in making this game:
Carita Hiltunen, Verneri Muukka, Franssi (YouTube), TheApproman (YouTube/Twitch)